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Time for each other

Make an unforgettable gift for your loved one or a good friend and spend memorable moments at the Metropol Spa Hotel! An unforgettable holiday with sparkling wine, relaxing spa visit and a relaxing massage awaits you!

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Dear, you deserve a medal! And a private spa experience!

We all know how hard it is to make gifts. Your loved one’s birthday is approaching and you would like to give something special. No, not a book or a shaving kit. Something they really wanted without knowing it.

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Parents, the true heroes of our time

Children are the flowers of our life, but due to long quarantine, the bouquet is withering? Treat yourself for a luxurious spa experience and enjoy quality time spent together!

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Get wild with a special somebody

It is time to leave the bathrobe and slippers behind. Slip into a nice dress and stilettos to get ready for a truly romantic weekend. Entertainment with high class culinary experience is waiting for you!

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Kick back with the family!

A family vacation in Tallinn? Of course! Your long-planned beach holiday got cancelled? What about a fabulous family holiday in Tallinn instead? Discover what our unique medieval Old Town has to offer. Walk along the cobbled streets, breathe in the fresh sea air, taste the national cuisine.

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Rooms & Suites

Metropol Spa Hotel has 137 comfortable rooms. The clients can choose between comfort rooms, superior rooms and suites. The interior of the spacious rooms is northerly elegant and modern and it has everything necessary to enjoy your vacation or business trip.

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