Facial treatments

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Facial treatments

Discover the French secrets to beautiful skin!

Crafted with the most precious botanicals and potent, harvested at the peak of their strength. Darphin’s beautifully aromatic formulations are developed in France to offer the perfect blend of pleasure and performance. Darphin products are free from parabens, mineral oil, formaldehydes, phthalates.

All Darphin facial treatments start with a welcoming ritual.
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Gentelmen's refreshing facial treatment 30min / 60min 40€ / 55€

A revitalizing treatment tailored to suit specific skin concerns, from cleansing and age prevention to hydration and ultimate relaxation. Treatment starts with cleansing and peeling, followed by relaxing massage of face and cleavage. Nourishing or soothing mask and suitable day cream ends the treatment.

The reward: perfectly balanced and fresh skin.
30min express treatment does not include massage.

"Exquisite at Any Age" Firming facial treatment 60min / 90min 75€ / 90€

Age is just a number – tackle fine lines and wrinkles!

The treatment: Luxurious anti-ageing facial treatment combines best and carefully picked active ingrediencies. A complete treatment to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and refine skin texture and restore luminosity. Treatment starts with cleansing and peeling. After that, enjoy highly relaxing face and cleavage massage using beauty revealing serum and massage balm. Lastly, luxurious radiance-boosting mask is applied. During the mask, enjoy complimentary hands massage.

The reward: visibly enhanced elasticity and firmer look.

"Sublime Intral" Soothing treatment for sensitive skin 60min / 90min 65€ / 80€

Is your skin red, irritated and sensitive?

The treatment: Calming and redness relieving soothing treatment based on the multiple benefits of botanicals such as chamomile and hawthorn. The treatment begins with cleansing, refreshing and peeling. Delightfully scented redness relief serum is applied and massage for face, neck and cleavage performed. Followed by strengthening cocktail of chamomile, sage and lavender essential oils and soothing mask. Most importantly, gentle cream pampers sensitive skin and gives instant comfort.

The reward: redness is less visible and skin well balanced.
Suitable also for men!

"Immersive Experience" Hydrating facial treatment 30min / 60min 40€ / 60€

Deep relief for dehydrated skin.

The treatment: moisturizes your skin, as it restores vital water balance and increases natural resilience. The treatment begins with cleansing and peeling of your skin. Enjoy massage for face, neck and cleavage. Further on, high-efficiency serum with powerful Pomegranate and creamy hydrating mask are applied. That will help to wake up skin’s moisture mechanisms and protect skin from losing moisture. Treatment finishes with hydrating day cream.

The reward: radiant and deeply moisturized skin.
30min express treatment does not include massage.

"Perfectly radiant" Brightening facial treatment 30min / 60min 40€ / 65€

A wake-up call for tired and stressed skin.

The treatment: a cocktail of potent botanicals sweeps away dullness and revitalizes your skin. Essential oils of citrus, florals, cedarwood and ginger help illuminate and revitalize skin. Instantly, skin is soft, supple and blossoms with radiance. Treatment starts with cleansing and gentle exfoliation. Followed by relaxing massage with aromatic orange blossom essential oil and gentle massage balm. Brightening mask and day cream give the treatment perfect finishing touch.

The reward: Radiant and brighter skin.
30min express treatment does not include massage.
NB: Treatment is not suitable for sensitive skin.

"Absolute pureness" Purifying facial treatment 60min 60€

The treatment: A unique blend of purifying botanicals mattifies shine and corrects imperfections. Treatment detoxifies skin, regulates sebum production, refines pores, leaving it naturally beautiful and radiant. Treatment starts with cleansing, peeling and massage. Followed by creamy purifying mask with green clay, Aloe Vera and blend of essential oils. Mask absorbs excess oil, without drying out skin. Treatment finishes with comforting cream.

The reward: perfectly balanced and fresh skin.
Suitable also for men!