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Facial treatments

Discover the French secrets to beautiful skin!

Crafted with the most precious botanicals and potent, harvested at the peak of their strength. Darphin’s beautifully aromatic formulations are developed in France to offer the perfect blend of pleasure and performance. Darphin products are free from parabens, mineral oil, formaldehydes, phthalates.

All Darphin facial treatments start with a welcoming ritual.
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Vacation For a Little Prince and Princess 30 min 35€

Treat your little price or princess to a gentle facial that is also perfect for their first treatment.  The treatment star’s face is cleansed with gentle products, she or he can enjoy a relaxing face massage and in the end of the treatment a light face cream is applied.

The treatment is intended for children aged 6-11 years (included).


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Classical Beauty 30 min/60 min 45€/70€

According to you and your skin needs, the spa therapist chooses the suitable products for you that are used in the treatment. The treatment includes skin cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, serum, and cream.


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Goodbye Redness 45 min 75€

This treatment immediately relaxes irritated skin, reduces irritation, and calms redness. The treatment protects and restores the skin’s ecosystem, ensuring the daily improvement of the skin’s well-being and the increase of the skin’s resistance. Each treatment is strictly assembled from only the most necessary ingredients, so that it becomes a sure combat partner for sensitive skin, ensuring maximum results without risking safety. Skin irritation, redness and scaling are visibly reduced after just one treatment. This expert dermocosmetic facial is specifically designed to reduce and prevent the symptoms of extremely sensitive skin and rosacea.


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Beautiful Eyes and Lips 60 min 80€

Are you bothered by wrinkles around the eyes and lips? Are your under-eyes dark and puffy? If the answer to their questions was yes, then this treatment is just for you. The treatment combines three therapies: facial cupping technique, eye yoga, and Gua-Sha massage with rose quartz. A special mask around the eyes has an anti-aging and lifting effect. In addition to the eyes and lip area, your entire face will a special care, making it hydrated and relaxed.


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3D Hydration 60min 80€

3D hydration is a relaxing and effective cosmetic alternative to medical-aesthetic hyaluronic acid injections thanks to hyaluronic acid and the patented HLG nanopolymer, which ensures youthful volume and plumpness of the skin. The massage technique with thermal contrasts stimulates blood circulation, supplies the skin with oxygen, releases facial muscles from tension, models the face.

For younger skin, the treatment keeps the skin moisturized and prevents the first signs of aging. For more mature skin, the treatment brings a deeper volume-juiciness effect, also helping to smooth and plump the skin.

The treatment is the perfect solution for moisture-deficient skin from the age of 20.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and cancer patients.

Suitable also for men!


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Deep Cleansing Facial 60 min 80€

Treatment that deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates sebum, narrows the pores, regenerates the thickness of the stratum corneum, facilitates the removal of comedones, while soothing and restoring the skin. The salicylic acid included in the treatment restores the skin’s cornea, sophorolipids and tea tree oil deeply cleanse, manuka concentrate and willow extract reduce excess oil, red clay and yeast biomembranes reduce pores, and the high content of hyaluronic acid and milk proteins guarantee an optimal balance for the skin. After the treatment, the skin has a natural and even tone, free of impurities, bright and protected from the harmful effects of the sun. The treatment is suitable for all skin types – if your skin is problematic or oily, the treatment will leave it clean and matte, if your skin is combination/normal, the treatment will leave it soft, supple, and radiant.

Treatment includes ultrasound and mechanical cleaning.


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Energy Facial for Men 75 min 80€

A revitalizing treatment tailored to suit specific skin concerns, from cleansing and age prevention to hydration and ultimate relaxation. Treatment starts with cleansing and peeling, followed by relaxing massage of face and cleavage. Nourishing or soothing mask and suitable day cream ends the treatment.

The reward: perfectly balanced and fresh skin.


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Chemical Peeling 60 min 90€

Chemical peeling is a procedure involving the removal of the lifeless layer of cells, which causes superficial dryness and unevenness of the skin. Stimulating the lower layers of the skin and the synthesis of collagen ensures the elasticity of the skin. The selection of methods and products used for chemical peeling enable finding the most suitable individual solution, considering the skin problem, age-related changes in the skin and the sensitivity of the skin to ensure that the procedure is effective but not too traumatic. Depending on the problem and the characteristics of the skin as well as previous care, it is possible to choose between more delicate and stronger procedures. Hence, chemical peeling of the skin is suitable both for a delicate procedure to refresh and rejuvenate the skin and for affecting the skin more thoroughly. Some treatments also reduce inflammation, redness, and sebum discharge of the skin.


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"No" To Pollution 75 min 90€

Treatment works both on the skin’s surface and deeper levels to help it defend itself against oxidative stress and recover from any damage caused.


  • Improves cell metabolism and oxygenation
  • Stimulates the natural process of skin regeneration
  • Reinforces the skin’s defenses, activating the immune system
  • Eliminates the dull appearance and greyish tone of the skin
  • Stimulation of micro-circulation

Especially recommended:

  • Due to pollution, oxygen-poor skin
  • For skin that is stressed and tired of the fast pace of life
  • For skin which defense mechanisms need to be activated and strengthened to prevent premature aging of the skin

After the treatment, your skin will be more oxygenated with more vitality and luminosity, looking healthier and more youthful. The appearance of wrinkles, mimic lines, and pigment spots are delayed, and the skin is deeply moisturized. The treatment is suitable for every skin type, especially recommended for dull skin, skin that has lost its vitality and shows signs of aging.


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Hollywood Glow 75 min 95€

Scientific advances within the field of nanotechnology and the discovery of new synergies among ingredients have allowed the creation of the upgraded version of C vitamin facial to fight against oxidative stress with greater effectiveness and, therefore, against ageing visible through dark spots, dehydration, and dull skin tone. A luxurious massage serum is used with the Germaine de Cappuccini massage ball to stimulate the skin and charge it with vitality – you could immediately feel tension being released around the eyes and mouth.

For the first time, a treatment that multiplies 6 times the effectiveness of Pure Vitamin C thanks to the patented HLG nano polymer, which nourishes cells in-depth and allows a sustained release of the active ingredients.

  • 98% Radiant skin, with extra contribution of glow and energy
  • 95% Stress-Free skin
  • 86% More uniform skin tone
  • 100% Improved hydration and texture
  • 89% Reduced expression lines
  • 87% Less visible dark spots


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The Touch of Youth 75 min 105€

Years of research by our scientists led to the discovery that fine expression lines and deeper wrinkles are extremely different in the way they need to be treated. Our Timexpert Rides Collagen Boost facial was developed to combat both as well as stimulate new cell growth to prevent further wrinkles from appearing. Its intelligent formula contains high concentrations of two ingredients, developed exclusively in our laboratories:

  • Pro-Collagestine Fill Technology is based on a concentrated extract of Brede Mafane flowers. It works within the dermis to increase the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This restructures the skin’s architecture to plump out deeper lines and wrinkles from beneath.
  • Micro-dermoxine Complex® contains hexapeptides to neutralise and inhibit facial micro-tensions.

The Timexpert Rides professional treatment combines these highly advanced ingredients with a specialised Japanese massage technique and heat therapy for maximum penetration.


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Mesoboost – "Eternal Youth" 75 min 150€

Mesoboost is an effective, safe, and easy-to-use device that can transport large amounts of active ingredients even into the deepest skin layer. Mesoboost is the latest advanced needle-free facial care technology with the best developed mesotherapy concentrates which professional formulations guarantee maximum results for beauty care.

Skin is more youthful, lifted, plump, with fewer wrinkles after just three treatments.

Benefits for the skin:

  • Accelerates the cell renewal process
  • Improves texture, firmness, and quality of the skin
  • Rejuvenating

Mesoboost is a non-invasive treatment.


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